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Billie Eilish confesses she broke up with ex-boyfriend due to Christian Bale?

Billie Eilish elaborates on why she ended her relation at the time because of Christian Bale

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
Billie Eilish addresses her Christian Bale dream
Billie Eilish addresses her Christian Bale dream

Billie Eilish has recently confessed she broke up with her then boyfriend after having a dream about Christian Bale.

“I got to be real: A couple years ago, I had a dream about Christian Bale and it was at a little cafe in the sunlight,” said Billie in an interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg for an Oscars Nominees 'Pre-Luncheon' on Friday.

The Bad Guy crooner revealed the dream made her realise to “breakup with my boyfriend at the time”.

“No, like, genuinely. I woke up and I was like [gasps] and I came to my senses,” continued the songstress.

Billie and her brother, who won Oscar in 2022 for No Time To Die, are reportedly nominated again for best original song, What Was I Made For? from Barbie.

The Grammy winner previously opened up about her attraction to women last year.

“I love them so much,” she said in a November interview with Variety.

Billie mentioned, “I love them as people. I'm attracted to them as people. I'm attracted to them for real.”

Reflecting on how she's always had “deep connections with women in her life,” the singer added, “I'm physically attracted to them. But I'm also so intimidated by them and their beauty and their presence.”

Speaking to the same outlet in December, Billie added, “It's exciting to me because I guess people didn't know, so it's cool that they know. I'm nervous talking about it. But no, I am for the girls.”

Meanwhile, Billie and her brother will perform the Oscar-nominated song at the 96th Academy Awards on March 10.