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Seth Meyers shares interesting anecdote behind meeting Margaret Qualley

Seth Meyers confirms with Margaret Qualley of meeting her with his little ones on his talk show

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March 02, 2024
Seth Meyers on meeting Margaret Qualley with his little ones
Seth Meyers on meeting Margaret Qualley with his little ones

Seth Meyers has recently shared interesting anecdote behind his last meeting with actress Margaret Qualley with his kids.

The comedian questioned Qualley on the latest episode of The Night with Seth Meyers whether she remembered the run-in with his three kids, whom he shares with wife Alexi Ashe.

Meyers questioned Qualley, “By the way, I meant to say, do you remember the last time we saw each other? Because I was with my kids.”

Qualley responded, “Yeah, I do remember.”

“Yeah, we were in Washington Square Park and I was walking my kids, and you were walking by and you were on the phone,” continued the 50-year-old.

“And I waved and you waved. And then you said on the phone, you go, 'I just saw Seth Meyers and his kids!’” remarked the actress.

Meyers disclosed, “My kids go, ‘How does she know us? I'm like, 'She doesn't know you. And they're both like, 'Ahh!’”

“That’s really cute!” pointed out Qualley

Meyers quipped, “Yeah, really cute! I'm like, 'She doesn't think I'm just walking around with two small dudes.’”

Earlier in November, Meyers discussed his family’s tradition for Thanksgiving.

“We dress kids like turkeys and they come in here, and we film them for like five minutes, and then we edit together a video of them dressed as turkeys,” he said.

Meyers added, “Now at some point, the kids are gonna realise they don't want to do this anymore, but right now, they're still very excited about the turkey clip.”