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Victoria Beckham defies crutches and protests with grace at Paris Fashion Week

David Beckham supports wife Victoria at Paris Fashion show alongside family

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March 02, 2024
Victoria Beckham shines at Paris Fashion Week show with family by her side.
Victoria Beckham shines at Paris Fashion Week show with family by her side.

Victoria Beckham shows off her latest collection at Paris Fashion Week on Friday, despite facing challenges including a recent ankle injury and unexpected protests.

The former Spice Girl flashed a beaming smile while presenting her designs at the upscale Saint Germain venue in the city.

Beckham, who sustained an ankle injury during a gym workout, didn't let the setback dampen her spirits as she gracefully navigated the runway with the support of her renowned family. 

However, the event took an unexpected turn when PETA activists stormed the runway, expressing their discontent with the brand's use of leather.

The activists caused disruption by waving placards advocating for vegan leather and protesting against the use of animal-derived materials in fashion. 

Beckham's brand is known for its incorporation of leather in both clothing and accessories, including luxurious Nappa leather sourced from lambs, as well as high-end calf leather bags priced upwards of £2,000.

Despite the interruption and chaos caused by the protesters, the show continued, albeit with a brief pause.

Security removed the activists from the catwalk, allowing the models to complete their runway walk. 

The show's live stream was also temporarily halted but resumed shortly after the incident, capturing the second strut of models showcasing Beckham's latest designs.

The Beckham family made a stylish entrance, with Victoria receiving applause as she appeared ahead of the show.