Friday April 19, 2024

King Charles could ask Prince Harry to 'take on royal duties'

Prince Harry is 'able to step in when the king is unable to perform his duties,' claims a royal butler

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March 01, 2024
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King Charles could ask his estranged son Prince Harry to 'take on royal duties' amid his cancer treatment, claimed a former royal butler.

As per the New York Post, Grant Harrold believes that the Monarch, 75, might ask the Duke of Sussex to play his part during a royal health scare. 

He said, "It is possible that given recent events, with the king not being 100% and he’s now relying on other members of the family, he could ask Harry to take on other duties."

Grant added, "Remember, Prince Harry is still a senior member of the royal family - he’s not a working member of the royal family, but he is still very much a member of the family and Counsellor of State, which means he’s able to step in when the king is unable to perform his duties."

For the unversed, Buckingham Palace made a shocking announcement on February 5, confirming that the Monarch has been diagnosed with cancer.

Since then, the Monarch has been seeking medical treatment and put a halt to his public royal engagements.

Charles's health update left the royal family and fans in fear for the future of the monarchy.