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Jamie Dornan teases future of 'The Tourist' after open ended finale

Jamie Dornan explained the ambiguity behind the ending of The Tourist season two

By Web Desk
March 01, 2024
Jamie Dornan breathed life into Elliots character in The Tourist
Jamie Dornan breathed life into Elliot's character in The Tourist

As The Tourist season two is streaming on Netflix, the main lead, Jamie Dornan, candidly opened up about the ending of the season.

In a conversation with Netflix Tudum published on Thursday, the Heart of Stone star elaborated on the "open-ended" conclusion of the second season.

"Nothing is ever as it seems on The Tourist," Jamie hinted and continued, "I think it’s purposely open-ended."

The last epsiode seemingly ended with dance, but the final scene capped off with a revelation of a dossier on Eugene that points to his true identity: He’s a secret agent.

Reflecting on the show’s future storylines and narrative, Dornan shared, "I think this time they are leaving that to all kind of factors –– of if and when and how that would happen to do more –– and to see if people want more."

Teasing the fans whether he is up for another season, The Fall alum added, "But that’s also a timing thing. Everyone’s busy! I’m busy, Danielle’s busy. So we will see, but they’ve definitely left the option open, I think."

Season one of the Netflix thriller series follows Elliot’s journey to reclaim his identity after an accident in the desolate Australian outback.

Meanwhile, season two was a drastic change of landscape as it transports Elliot to his birthplace amidst the lush lands of the Irish seaside.