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Billy Porter shares 'heartbroken' news of his mother's demise

Many fellow stars send love to Billy Porter after the sad news

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March 01, 2024
Billy Porter shares heartbroken news of his mothers demise
Billy Porter shares 'heartbroken' news of his mother's demise

Billy Porter took to social media on Thursday to announce the passing of his mother, Cloerinda Jean Johnson Porter-Ford.

In a touching tribute posted on Instagram, Porter wrote, "We are heartbroken that my dear mother, Cloerinda Jean Johnson Porter-Ford, has passed away after a long and hard fight."

While Porter did not disclose the cause of death, he expressed his grief and found solace in the fact that his mother's suffering had ended. He continued, "Her fight was long and hard, but she never complained. We are heartbroken she is no longer here with us, but find solace that her suffering has ended."

Porter went on to describe his mother as a "loving, caring, and strong woman" who had a profound impact on his life. He concluded his tribute with a message of love and appreciation, stating, "I will miss her dearly, but I will never forget her lessons and the love she shared with me. Rest in power, Mom."

In April 2017, the actor clarified in an interview with Build Series that his mother was "born with a degenerative disability that has only progressed and worsened."

"That woman has got out of bed every single day of her life and has fought for her life when everybody on the planet said that he shouldn't even bother. I don't know how to be anything else when you have an example like that. You can't be anything else."