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Liam Payne, ex Maya Henry had secret child?

Maya Henry, who was engaged to Liam Payne till mid 2022, drops bombshell memoir teaser

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March 01, 2024
Maya Henry teases memoir about Liam Payne
Maya Henry teases memoir about Liam Payne

Maya Henry, Liam Payne’s ex Fiancée, dropped a shocking book cover on Instagram teasing a memoir named "Looking Forward", and fans are saying it's about the One Direction member.

Liam and Maya were first romantically connected in August 2018 and the couple made things public a year later, getting photographed hands-in-hands. 

The relationship experienced some ups and downs, but eventually both got engaged in August 2020. After a year, Liam broke the news of a breakup in June 2021.

However, they got back together after a short period of time.

Then finally, in May 2022, the outlet J-14 confirmed via a source that the couple had split, with the breakup happening a month ago.

Maya Henry took to Instagram and shared a picture of an art featuring what seems to be herself, walking down the street with a man, who has a guitar over his shoulder and tattoos on his arms.

“2020 was a dark and scary time for all of us. I was coming off a period in my life filled with a lot of pain. However, I learned that the great thing about pain is that it can inspire something beautiful. Writing has always been my passion, and I journaled about my experiences throughout the pandemic,” she captioned the post.

“Eventually, this journal evolved into a novel.”

She further wrote, “I’m very nervous to share a project that was once my most personal outlet of joy and freedom - a story I never intended to share. I hope that by doing so, anyone out there experiencing similar trauma and hardships as my main character will feel less alone.”

“More details coming soon,” she concluded.

However, fans have theories about the upcoming book.

“This is 100% about Liam,” wrote one fan in the comments.

Another fan said, “Yall there’s no way it’s not at least mainly about Liam like the cover art and the tattoos,” considering the cover that shows the man looking just like the Strip That Down the singer.

Moreover, some fans had some shocking questions about Henry expecting a baby with Payne  and getting an “abortion”.

“So you and Liam were expecting at the time?,” inquired one fan in the comments, in light of the content warning shared in the post’s second slide.

The “content warning” said, “This book contains sensitive material relating to: abuse, violence, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, and abortion.”