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Kate Middleton's first appearance since surgery expected any time soon

Princess Kate's first picture with major health update soon to be released

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024

Princess Kate, who has been out of sight for last couple of months, could delight her excited fans with her first glimpse in the next few days to end growing rumours about her health.

Royal commentators and experts, who are sending their best wishes to the Princess of Kate, have asked the palace to share her pics with latest updated on the future Queen's health.

King Charles, Prince William have faced mounting pressure to clear the air by giving specific details or glimpse of Princess Kate, who's said to be "doing well" while recuperating at Adelaide Cottage after her abdominal operation.

The palace, as per a royal insider, has decided to share the first picture of the future Queen with her permission to ease the tension of her worrying fans.

The royal fans expressed their concerns after Prince William's shock decision to miss his godfather King Constantine's memorial service on Tuesday.

The Kensington Palace had to confirm that the princess is "doing well" in her recovery from planned abdominal surgery. However, fans are still cling to their demands that if she's doing well why her picture is not being shared to put all the rumours to rest.

"I do hope Kate is getting well and is going to be in public very soon…she is the best of the Royal Family," one Kate's fan reacted to the palace statement.

"Happy to hear Catherine is doing well. The day she returns (when she is ready), she will break the internet within seconds. I’m looking forward to that," wrote one social media user.

Lorraine King wrote: "Kensington Palace said Kate Middleton is ‘doing well’ after her abdominal surgery. That’s good to hear. Hopefully they’ll release a photo of her soon."

"Hope all is well," said GB news host Andrew Pierce.

The Princess of Wales's team recently told Newsweek the claim about Kate's was "ludicrous and not fact-checked by Kensington Palace."

However, royal aides have still not revealed Kate's diagnosis and with no photographs of the Princess. Kate was last seen in public on Christmas Day, walking to church at Sandringham before she went in for surgery at the London Clinic on January 16.

The palace announced the following day that Kate would be stepping back from her royal duties to recuperate, spending up to two weeks in the hospital before returning to public duties only after Easter at the earliest.

The Palace aides have already slammed claims about Kate's coma conspiracy theory as "ludicrous".