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Dive into Adam Sandler's 'Spaceman' with spectacular visuals: Pics inside

'Spacemen' starring Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan will hit Netflix screens on March 1

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024
Spaceman was premiered at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival
Spaceman was premiered at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival

Netflix has unveiled a visually captivating sneak peek just a day ahead of the highly anticipated release of Spaceman, featuring Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan.

The streaming platform took to its official Instagram account to drop an eye-catching carousel that teased the vibrant world of Spaceman, set to hit Netflix on Friday.

The first photo collage burst with sunny yellow hues, radiating bright energy with four random snapshots.

The following composition offered a glimpse into the film's emotional depth, with photographs drenched in shades of red.

Meanwhile, the third photo college gave viewers a mesmerising glimpse of the purple and teal ethereal galaxy.

In the comments section, the fans also described the carousel with several adjectives.

"Incredible images,”"one fan deemed.

"Serendipity [four clover leaf emoji]," a second user labelled it.

A third user simply expressed his enthusiasm with applause emojis

Spaceman, which premiered as part of the "Berlinale Special" program at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival, is slated to grace Netflix screens on March 1st.

In the film adaptation of Spaceman, Sandler portrays Jakub, an astronaut navigating the cosmos, while Mulligan breathes life into the character of Lenka, Jakub's wife.