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Jamie Lee Curtis credits late ‘Richard Lewis’ for being ‘sober’

Richard Lewis, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star died at the age of 76 to heart attack

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February 29, 2024
Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to Richard Lewis
Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to Richard Lewis  

Jamie Lee Curtis paid a heart-warming tribute to late pal Richard Lewis who died on Tuesday at 76 due to a heart attack.

The Halloween star, 65, had previously starred besides the comedian in the sitcom, Anything But You, which came on television from 1989 through 1992 for four seasons.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday when she heard the sad news of the actor's death, which was first announced by Bette Midler.

Curtis penned a lengthy caption along with sharing a carousel of throwback images with Lewis.

In the text, she credited Lewis for making her “sober,” after recently celebrating 25 years of sobriety earlier this month.

“I've just read that my friend Richard Lewis has died. I remember exactly where I was when I saw a billboard of him about a stand up special on Sunset Boulevard when we were casting the ABC pilot Anything But Love and asked the casting people to bring him in to audition to play my best friend/maybe boyfriend, Marty Gold,” she began.

“I thought he was handsome. He made me laugh, which is the one thing that a strong, capable woman, can't really do for herself. He got the part when I snort laughed when he mispronounced the word Bundt cake.”

Jamie added, “He blew everyone else away It was a love triangle show and they didn't pick up that pilot but they came back to me and said that the chemistry with Richard was so great and could we revamp the original pilot which is the show we ended up making for a couple years.”

“He was also a stand-up comic and hated the live audience, where I, who had never done a play, loved it.

He used to hide his lines everywhere on the set, on props, door frames, on my face in a close up and was always carrying a clipboard with his lines on them. It turns out he was a wonderful actor. Deep and so freaking funny.”

The actress reminisced, “We went through the death of our friend and costar, Richard Frank, together and grieved the loss of our producer and friend, John Ritter.”

“Richard's last text to me, was hoping that I could convince ABC/Disney to put out another boxed set of episodes of the show,” she addressed her followers.

Jamie then revealed, “He also is the reason I am sober. He helped me. I am forever grateful for him for that act of grace alone.”

Further referencing his wife, Joyce Lapinsky, Curtis added, “He found love with Joyce and that, of course, besides his sobriety, is what mattered most to him. I'm weeping as I write this.”

“Strange way of saying thank you to a sweet and funny man. Rest in laughter, Richard. My Marty, I love you, Hannah!” she concluded.

Jamie shared a second post to express her grief over the passing of her longtime friend and former co-star. In the post, she added another throwback picture featuring Lewis and included a snippet of lyrics from the theme song of Anything But Love.

Curtis wrote, “In the third and final iteration of the TV show ANYTHING BUT LOVE that ran on ABC for a few seasons, the great singer songwriter, JD Souther, wrote this gorgeous theme song.”

“Try to find it on YouTube if you can listen but I've put the words here for you. I dedicate them today to my friend Richard Lewis.”

The lyrics the actress shared were, “If we had never met/And the world got on without us/Just as if we were never that at all/We'd be searching yet/For the next big thing that ever happened/Trying not to fall…”

“Anything but love will do/Anything but hearts that beat like thunder/Anything but love would be enough/For anyone but you.”