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Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on hosting Oscars for fourth time

Jimmy Kimmel reveals his plans for Oscars and discusses Barbie’s Ken as well

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February 28, 2024
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Jimmy Kimmel has recently weighed in on hosting the Oscars for the fourth time.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Kimmel said, “We work very hard to make the show as good as it possibly can be.”

“I feel like the Kansas City Chiefs going into this Oscars—like you’ve been there before, but it doesn’t make a difference. It's still exciting, and you still have to do well!” remarked the 56-year-old.

Addressing upcoming performances at the 96th Academy Awards, the Emmy winner shared, “We have some good Barbie stuff in store. We're hoping Barbie has the same effect on the Oscars that Taylor Swift had on the Super Bowl.”

“We have a fun show planned. We’ve got some really great movies and great actors and performers… It’s tricky, but I think we have it as figured out as much as you can!” he explained.

Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on hosting Oscars for fourth time

Elsewhere in the interview, Kimmel revealed which Ken he would be in a Barbie movie.

“Which Ken am I? Oh, Rapidly Balding Ken,” reiterated the talk show host.

When questioned about Ryan Gosling’s beach-loving Ken, to which he added, “No, not a Beach Ken. Just Rapidly Balding Ken.”

Meanwhile, the Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 10, which will air on ABC.