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Jennifer Hudson explains why she went public with Common’s romance

Jennifer Hudson discusses about Common on Jimmy Kimmel show

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February 28, 2024
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Jennifer Hudson has recently explained why she went public with her and Common’s romance.

Speaking on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show on Tuesday, Hudson revealed she’s been dating Common on her talk show in January.

Kimmel asked whether Hudson found it hard to interview guests like Common because she knew him so well.

“I find it more difficult to interview someone I'm a huge fan of. Which is most of my guests, but that's when I freak out the most,” replied Hudson.

The singer and actress stated, “I like people that I'm more familiar with because it's more like a conversation.”

For the unversed, Common and Hudson sparked dating speculations in 2022 while working together in their upcoming movie, Breathe.

Jennifer Hudson explains why she went public with Common’s romance

Earlier, Common appeared on Today with Hoda & Jenna last month to talk about his new book, And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Yourself.

When questioned about Hudson being the one, Common told the host, “I feel like I have grown and the work that I’ve done on myself has allowed me to see that I am a marrying type.”

Common mentioned he’s “capable of marrying someone, and that at some point in my life, I may want to do that but he’ll know when the right time is.”

“I would communicate with that person, and if she’s feeling that, then why not?” added the rapper.