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Ben Affleck makes big sacrifice for Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez made Ben Affleck extremely 'uncomfortable' with her latest move

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
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Ben Affleck extended his heartfelt support to Jennifer Lopez by making an 'uncomfortable' appearance in her documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

For the unversed, the musician recently released her documentary on Prime Video, featuring her journey of healing from past traumas and her romantic relationship with the Air director. 

Speaking of the couple's gestures and on-camera chemistry, body language expert Judi James told Daily Mail that Lopez "squeeze maximum drama out of her 'truth,'" meanwhile, she made Affleck look an "uncomfortable" child.

The expert said, "Ben’s own words don’t quite synchronise with his wife’s."

"During a one-to-one with the camera his body language looks uncomfortable to the point of childlike. He squints his eyes, tilts his head and clasps his hands close to his head in a ritual of what looks like coyness," James explained. 

The expert added that the Gone Girl actor's "tell" word seems to be "private," however "J. Lo seems to be using this documentary to spill her inner thoughts and emotions to the camera."

Notably, in the same documentary, the Marry Me actor herself admitted that Affleck was not comfortable being an inspiration behind her new album, This Is Me…Now and its companion film.