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Kate Middleton’s health status ‘not favourable’ amid coma fears

Kate Middleton allegedly suffered post surgery complications leading to induced coma

By Web Desk
February 27, 2024
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Silence around Kate Middleton’s health condition in the wake of abdominal surgery continue to raise suspicions among public.

Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who previously claimed the Princess of Wales was sent into a coma due to postsurgery complications, revealed new details about her mysterious condition.

Speaking on Spanish show Fiesta, she said, “There are things that we cannot tell yet,” adding that she is "evolving," however, the truth is that "not as favorable as the British royal house would like her to be."

"There has been a movement from the English Royal House that is not understood. On the one hand they leak that Kate has hired a private secretary, to imply that she is at home doing things," added Aurelio Manzano after the information from Concha Calleja, "but, on the other hand, we do not see an image. Until we see it, the speculation will not stop."

The recovery is delayed because "the operation was serious in itself. Afterwards, there were even more serious complications. And the doctors had to make a very quick decision, which was to induce her into a coma. And that was so. The princess did not go into a coma, she was induced."

Calleja cited an “aide from the royal household,” claiming Kate’s life was in “great danger” due to postoperative complications that the doctors “didn’t expect” in a shocking revelation last month.

A source from Kensington Palace pushed back on such claims, branding it as “total nonsense” and “totally made-up”.

"No attempt was made by that journalist to fact-check anything that she said with anyone in the household,” they insisted at the time.