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NCT's Taeyong in search of superfan after adorable show of support

Taeyong took to social media to issue a call to search for the dedicated fan

By Web Desk
February 27, 2024
Taeyong searches for fan after the release of his mini album TAP
Taeyong searches for fan after the release of his mini album TAP 

NCT’s Taeyong recently took to the fan community app Bubble, searching for a dedicated fan who had caught his eye.

The fan was spotted holding a sign that featured Taeyong’s TAP, the titular track from his second mini-album with released on February 26.

The sign read: "Please listen to NCT Taeyong's second solo album 'TAP' a lot when it is released at 6 p.m. tomorrow, February 26."

The K-pop singer was quick to acknowledge the fan’s gesture. 

He wrote on Bubble, mentioning the fan: "Tyongf-nim (Fan), thank you for coming to see my performance yesterday...and thank you so so so much for promoting..."

"That's right everyone it's finally releasing today!!!!" and "I'm looking for Tyongf-nim!"

The celebrity’s fans expressed gratitude for Taeyong’s enthusiast, praising his wholesome gesture. 

A comment read: "The fan went out of their way to promote Taeyong in subway stations and even at the Olympic Park, where the concert was held."

Other netizens poured in love for the latter, adding: "This is what true love is... if this isn't love, what is?"

"This fan really deserves the attention," another noted.

"I will listen to this song because of this fan," a second commented. 

"I'm so impressed by this fan and am so moved," a third opined.  

"I hope Taeyong finds her," a fourth said.