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Florence Pugh admires working with Zendaya in Dune: Part Two

Florence Pugh dishes out her experience with Zendaya while filming the second part

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February 26, 2024

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Florence Pugh has recently shared her working experience with Zendaya in Dune: Part Two.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, the Oppenheimer star said, “It was heavenly. We've admired each other for a while.”

“By the time that we got to meet, it was well due time. Yes, we didn't get to act with each other a lot. But it doesn’t matter,” remarked the 28-year-old.

Reflecting on working together, Pugh admitted, “When you work with people that you admire, people that you look up to and wanna see how they work, it's always a wonderful experience. You hope it's wonderful, and in this case it was.”

“It made us excited for the next bit, potentially, whether that's in this storyline or outside of this storyline. When you get to do press with someone,” mentioned the Don’t Worry Darling actress.

Florence Pugh admires working with Zendaya in Dune: Part Two

Pugh stated, “It just makes you even more eager to watch them work again and understand what it would be like to work with them again.”

“So, we definitely built quite the appetite after this press tour because we're just desperate. Somebody, write us something!” added the Black Widow actress.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pugh opened up about the challenges while shooting 2021’s Part One movie.

“My biggest challenge? Not to muck it up! No pressure,” she continued.

The Little Women actress pointed out, “The biggest challenge is to keep yourself calm. But it's amazing to work with this lot of talent and ambition and skill, because it really does raise the bar for yourself.”