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King Charles cancer forces him to take big step amid fears

King Charles leaves fans worried about his health with latest step

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February 26, 2024
King Charles takes major step to fight cancer
King Charles takes major step to fight cancer

King Charles III, who's putting on brave face to win his battle against cancer, is leaving no stone unturned to defeat the disease.

The 75-year-old took a surprise step as he contacted a Greek Orthodox monk for spiritual help, leaving fans worried about his health condition.

Archimandrite Ephraim, known for his spiritual advice, has claimed that King Charles contacted him for spiritual help amid his battle against the disease.

Ephraim, according to a Greek newspaper and television station, has claimed: "Charles has a spiritual sophistication, a spiritual life. Yes, he has been in contact since the diagnosis and I believe he'll overcome it."

The King's latest move has left his fans in shock as they showed their concerns about the King's health, with some saying everything is not good in the palace.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold previously expressed his fears about the King's health, saying "something doesn't seem quite right" with the monarch. "It 'could be more serious than first thought."

There are reports that the monarch is in great pain due to his and Princess Kate's health crisis. Royal fans have expressed their concerns and sent him good wishes and prayers for the royals' recovery, with one saying: "We won't let the king lose to his cancer."