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Katy Perry’s dog Nugget debuts adorable haircut

Katy Perry offered an inside scoop on dog Nugget's haircut

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
Katy Perry shares pet Nuggets before-and-after haircut clicks
Katy Perry shares pet Nugget's before-and-after haircut clicks

Katy Perry recently took to her Instagram Stories, sharing a series of adorable pictures of her dog Nugget, before and after her haircut.

The ‘before’ picture featured the teacup poodle perched on an armchair with her golden curly locks tangled around her face.

Meanwhile, the second picture showcased the canine in her perfect shape, with a bow hanging around her collar.

Before and After haircut
Before and After haircut

For the unversed, Nugget has a separate fan base. 

In 2017, the dog appeared with Perry in an ad for Citi’s Double Cash card, releasing a statement about her gig.

Nugget shared: "I’ve traveled from stage to stage with Katy, but it’s time to take my solo career to the next level and ride my own wagging tail. I’m as happy as a hound dog chasing a gut truck to be launching this new campaign with Citi."

"It finally puts me on the pedestal on which I belong," she concluded.