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'Damsel' maker spills on plot of Millie Bobby Brown starrer: 'It's upside down'

Damsel maker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo said that "the emotional arc is so intense"

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024

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Juan Carlos Fresnadillo delved deep into the twisted narrative of his upcoming Netflix film, Damsel

In a candid conversation with Netflix Tudum, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker revealed his creative journey in turning the traditional 'once upon a time' and 'happily ever after' tale upside down.

"What I really loved in the script from Dan Mazeau was embracing the idea of a fantasy adventure and a princess and dragon story, but taking it into a place where it’s completely upside down," Fresnadillo shares enthusiastically. 

Expressing his excitement for the project, he deemed it as "a very intense journey that I was so excited to design and to develop." 

"At its core, this is such a beautiful story about a young woman becoming a strong, independent, and empowered adult. Elodie doesn’t have any kind of support. It’s a real survival experience," he added. 

Highlighting the intense emotional journey of the film, Fresnadillo emphasised that Elodie, the main character, served as the audience's eyes and ears. 

"You feel that you are experiencing the journey of surviving and facing this creature with Elodie," he explained. 

The story focuses on a young princess sacrificed in the name of marriage to a handsome prince, only to be thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon. 

In a quest to survive, she must rely on her wits and will to escape the monster’s lair.