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Britney Spears sends love for Janet Jackson amid hate for Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake feud didn’t stop singer from gushing about Janet Jackson

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February 26, 2024
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Britney Spears is not letting the negativity of her feud with her ex Justin Timberlake kill her positivity, as the singer took to social media to “thank” and praise Janet Jackson.

“Thank you to this beautiful lady for keeping my dreams and heart alive,” Spears, 42, penned in an Instagram’s since-deleted post on Saturday, February 24.

“She’s always been the deepest and brightest woman at the same time. She went through so much but I feel she is someone I will look up to for the rest of my life,” she added.

The Toxic singer also posted a snap of Jackson’s 1993 Janet album cover, writing, “Thank you for your music and your divine way of untangling intelligence to a far more clear view than anyone could ever imagine.”

Britney Spears/Instagram
Britney Spears/Instagram

The grateful post comes after Spears’ relit beef with Justin Timberlake, and seems to be in reference with Janet Jackson’s controversy with the singer, over their Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show years ago.

In 2004, during the performance, Timberlake snatched Jackson’s corset-top which made the singer’s top bare to the audience. After the event, Jackson took most of the heat and Timberlake went unpunished.

Although Timberlake clarified in a statement later that the “wardrobe malfunction” was “not intentional and is regrettable,” fans and the industry still blame the Cry Me a River singer for the mishap.