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Carey Mulligan reveals her family’s initial reaction to Oscar nomination

Carey Mulligan also talks about her movie Maestro and music in a new interview

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February 26, 2024
Carey Mulligan discusses about Oscar nomination and music in Maestro movie
Carey Mulligan discusses about Oscar nomination and music in Maestro movie

Carey Mulligan has revealed her family’s reaction to her Oscar nomination which was announced in January.

“When my name came up, everyone screamed, and my baby started crying,” said Mulligan in an interview with PEOPLE.

Mulligan, who shares three children with husband Marcus Mumford, is nominated by Academy Awards for her role as Felicia Montealegre, the wife of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, in Maestro movie.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mulligan talked about her love for music.

“Music's always been a big part of my life in lots of ways before I started acting at all,” stated the 38-year-old.

Mulligan mentioned, “My grandmother, I used to sing with her. She's Welsh. She passed away, sadly. But singing is a huge part of Welsh culture.”

“I grew up singing and loving music and then married a musician,” remarked The Great Gatsby actress.

Earlier, speaking to NPR, Mulligan reflected on the marital relationship of Bernstein and his wife Montealegre.

“I think they had an incredible life. They've got, you know, three wonderful children, and they've left behind this incredible legacy of love,” continued the Drive actress.

However, Mulligan added, “I think there is a universality to the film in that it is a depiction of a marriage, you know, and every marriage, regardless of any of the details, is deeply complicated and very challenging at times.”