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Ben Affleck not happy about Jennifer Lopez’s endless need for attention

Ben Affleck explains why he had an issue of Jennifer Lopez to share their personal life: Source

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February 26, 2024
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Ben Affleck is not happy with wife Jennifer Lopez’s latest documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

A source spilled to the Life & Style, “Ben has gotten very good at biting his tongue, but it’s known that he’s not happy at all about J.Lo’s endless need for attention.”

The Argo star could not understand why his wife Lopez wanted to share their personal life in the public eye.

“Things that are private I always felt are sacred and special because, in part, they’re private. So, this was something of an adjustment for me,” said Affleck in earlier interview.

The source told the outlet, “Ben loves J.Lo dearly, and he knew what he was getting into, to an extent.”

“But his fear is that by putting so much of herself out there, J.Lo’s just opening them up to way too much public scrutiny, and that hasn’t helped their relationship historically — far from it,” added an insider.

Ben Affleck not happy about Jennifer Lopez’s endless need for attention

The Selena star revealed she never thought she and Affleck would get back together.

“I fell in love with the love of my life [earlier in life] and for whatever reasons ... we needed to grow and do other things,” she remarked in another OK! interview.

Speaking of her relations with former partner Marc Anthony, Lopez mentioned, “We both went off and had children with other people and other relationships, but you know in my mind I kind of had it like, ‘Oh, that was kind of the one.’”

Affleck pointed out, “I was like 'I'm good on my own, I'm fine, I love my life. And when you get to that place, I think that’s when the universe kind of opened up to me and was like, ‘OK now you’re ready.’”