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America Ferrera channels gothic Barbie at SAG after Oscars snub

America Ferrera matches the dress with diamond jewelry

By Web Desk
February 25, 2024
America Ferrera channels gothic barbie at Sag after Oscars snub
America Ferrera channels gothic barbie at Sag after Oscars snub

America Ferrera turned heads on the red carpet at the 2024 SAG Awards, radiating confidence and elegance in a custom Dior gown that seemed to transport her into a real-life fairytale.

The actress, known for her Barbie role, embraced a different kind of power on this night, channelling her inner princess with a playful yet sophisticated twist.

The black wool and silk crepe dress, a collaboration between Ferrera and Dior, featured a structured bodice that cinched her waist and elegant white organza sleeves that billowed dramatically around her arms.

The contrasting fabrics and textures created a visually striking look, while the floor-length skirt added a touch of Hollywood glamour. Ferrera accessorised with over 30 carats of diamonds from De Beers, including a show-stopping chocker boasting more than 20 carats.

But the true magic of the look lay in Ferrera's attitude. In her interview with E!'s Live from the Red Carpet, she described the dress as "a princess fairytale moment," adding, "Princess fairytale Barbie that's me!" This playful self-awareness brought a touch of humour and personality to the high-fashion ensemble, making it uniquely her own.

Fans and fashion critics alike were quick to praise Ferrera's look. Many commented on her radiant confidence and how the dress perfectly captured her personality.

Some even dubbed it the "ultimate princess moment" of the night, while others appreciated the unexpected twist on traditional red carpet attire.

Ferrera's choice of Dior is also significant. The fashion house has a long history of dressing powerful women, often using its designs to celebrate femininity and individuality.