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Top Netflix limited series & shows to binge watch

Netflix gives you a diverse range to explore on entertainment in a limited manner

By Tabinda Irfan
February 25, 2024
Top Netflix limited series & shows to binge watch
Top Netflix limited series & shows to binge watch

Need a cinematic escape but don't have the time or energy for a multi-season commitment? Look no further than the realm of limited series! These self-contained stories offer intense narratives packed into a manageable timeframe, perfect for a cozy weekend binge. 

But with so many options out there, how do you choose? Worry not, entertainment enthusiasts, for here's a curated selection of limited series that promise captivating journeys within a single weekend:

1. Transatlantic: Embark on a whirlwind romance across continents in this steamy historical drama. Set in 1940s New York and Morocco, it follows a scandalous love affair between a wealthy woman and a struggling Irish writer, exploring forbidden desires against the backdrop of World War II.

2. Beef: Buckle up for a dark comedy about simmering resentment and escalating road rage. This British miniseries stars Stephen Graham as a frustrated driver who becomes obsessed with getting revenge on a rival motorist, leading to increasingly absurd and hilarious consequences.

3. Bodies: Dive into the dark underbelly of London's anatomy schools in this chilling Victorian-era thriller. Four medical students become entangled in a web of murder and deception as they dissect a mysterious corpse, uncovering shocking secrets and facing their own demons.

4. The Queen's Gambit: Relive the meteoric rise of chess prodigy Beth Harmon in this critically acclaimed miniseries. Witness her struggle against addiction and societal expectations as she conquers the chess world, one brilliant move at a time.

5. DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: Delve into the disturbing psyche of one of America's most notorious serial killers. This chilling series explores the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, offering a glimpse into the darkness that fueled his actions and the systemic failures that allowed them to continue.

6. Maid: A single mother navigates poverty and domestic abuse with resilience and humor in this powerful and poignant miniseries. Witness Alexandra's journey as she cleans houses to support her young daughter, offering a raw and unflinching look at the struggles faced by many single mothers.

7. Anatomy of a Scandal: Brace yourself for a captivating legal drama packed with political intrigue and personal betrayal. This miniseries follows a high-profile minister whose life unravels when his past affair with a junior parliamentary staffer becomes public knowledge, raising questions of consent and power.

8. From Scratch: Escape to the sun-drenched Italian coast with this heartwarming romance. Follow Amahle and Lino's love story, filled with cultural clashes, family secrets, and the power of love in the face of adversity. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be swept away by their journey.

9. Pain Killer: Dive into the opioid crisis and the controversial figure at its center. This miniseries explores the rise and fall of Dr. Richard Sackler, highlighting the devastating impact of his company's OxyContin on individuals and communities. A thought-provoking and important watch.

10. Fool Me Once: A true-crime docuseries with a shocking twist. This series investigates the disappearance of Debora Green, uncovering a complex web of lies, manipulation, and a possible serial killer. Be prepared for unexpected turns and a chilling conclusion.