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Princess Diana fears over Harry, Prince William's 'rivalry' coming true

Prince Harry and Prince William's childhood relationship left Diana concerned

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February 25, 2024
Prince Harrys rivalry with Prince William left Diana concerned
Prince Harry's 'rivalry' with Prince William left Diana 'concerned'

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was “fraught with rivalry” while growing up due to their contrasting roles in the royal family.

In an excerpt from new royal book, My Mother and I, author Ingrid Seward dished on their late mother Princess Diana’s concerns about her youngest son, who harboured “complex” feelings about “being second best.”

She explained that this led Diana to call Harry “her little baby” due to his glaring possessiveness over sharing his mother with William.

Seward wrote: "Diana was concerned everyone was going to think he was 'thick' as he didn't have any thirst for knowledge and was not interested in sitting down with a book. He always felt the need to compete in everything, especially with his brother."

Royal biographer Andrew Morton relayed similar sentiments of Diana about the relationship between her two sons, whom she wanted to stick together through thick and thin.

“Well, the one thing that she would be really furious about is that they had this split,” he told Ok! Magazine. "... Diana always felt that Harry should be there as [William's] backup."