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Kate Middleton's new private secretary bears similarity to Roger Federer

Kate Middleton's new inner circle addition served as Squire to Queen Elizabeth II

By Web Desk
February 25, 2024

Kate Middleton has named Lieutenant Colonel Tom White as her private secretary, filling a vacancy that had persisted for over a year. 

White, previously a squire to Queen Elizabeth II, has garnered attention for his notable resemblance to retired Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. His likeness to Federer has drawn widespread astonishment.

White, a former Royal Marines officer deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, made history when he assumed the role of Queen's Squire in 2020, becoming the first Royal Marines commando to hold such a position. 

He served Queen until her passing in September 2022. 

The Princess of Wales offered insight into White's prospective role as private secretary during a public event in late 2023.

What does a royal private secretary do?

A private secretary's task encompass a wide range of responsibilities, from coordinating royal engagements to providing reports on meetings. 

Their primary role is to ensure the smooth operation of the royal schedule throughout the day. 

It's customary to observe private secretaries accompanying royals during public walkabouts, standing nearby attentively and often carrying photographs or gifts of well wishes.