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Mel B shares Spice Girls' support for Geri amidst husband's controversy

Geri leans on Victoria Beckham amid husband's alleged nisconduct, Spice Girls stand united

By Web Desk
February 25, 2024
Mel B confirm Spice Girls rally around Geri amidst controversy.
Mel B confirm Spice Girls rally around Geri amidst controversy.

Spice Girls member Mel B has disclosed that the group is providing support to their bandmate Geri Halliwell amid allegations against her husband, Christian Horner. 

Horner, a former racing driver aged 50, is currently under investigation for allegedly sending 'sexually suggestive' texts to a female employee within his Red Bull F1 team—an accusation he vehemently denies. 

Geri reportedly felt devastated by the scandal, with sources indicating she initially distanced herself from her bandmates and unfollowed the Beckhams on social media. 

However, Mel B affirmed that the Spice Girls have reached out to her and that she is seeking support from Victoria Beckham, who is reportedly standing by her friend during this challenging time, offering assistance in any way she can.

Speaking to The Sun on Saturday, Mel B, also known as Scary Spice, revealed that the Girls have been in touch with Halliwell through their WhatsApp group, offering support during a challenging time.

A source disclosed to OK! Magazine that Victoria and Geri have supported each other through various personal struggles in the past, highlighting Victoria's willingness to be there for her now. 

The fallout from the scandal took a toxic turn recently when she unfollowed her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria, along with David and Brooklyn Beckham, on social media. 

According to a source, tensions between Geri and Scary Spice have existed for years, with past disputes, including B's revelation about their intimate encounter, contributing to the strain.