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Prince Harry warned of massive blow for his 'any new stunt'

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February 24, 2024
Prince Harry cant be welcomed back to the royal family by King Charles
Prince Harry can't be welcomed back to the royal family by King Charles

Prince Harry, who appeared extending olive branch to his royal relatives amid their health crisis, has been advised to show his willingness to return to the royal family with his actions and deeds.

The Duke of Sussex has been warned that his any new stunt to exploit the royal card would backfire as "actions speak louder than words".

Harry, during his latest Good Morning America interview, claimed he "loves" his family and explaining his father's cancer diagnosis could have a "reunifying effect" for the royals.

Harry's statement of reunion and reconciliation comes at the time when the senior royals have cut back on their royal duties due to health crisis, but royal experts and historians believe the monarch and the future king can not be trapped by such statement even after losing their trust in the Sussexes.

Commenting on the Duke's statement, The Mail on Sunday's Sarah Vine wrote: "So Harry is right. Such crises can, and do, have 'reunifying effects' on families."

But, she appeared warning Harry in her own words as she added: "But words are one thing, actions quite another. Harry may say it – but does he mean it? Does he actually understand what reunification entails? If his recent actions are anything to go by, no."

She went on: "Words aren't enough – you must show you mean it. You also must understand that sometimes it's not about you but about the greater good of the family."

Some other royal commentators have also claimed that Queen Camilla and Prince William were not in favour to let Harry meet the ailing King as they were afraid he might use the interaction for a publicity stunt as he and Meghan allegedly did in the past.

But, so far, Harry has proved the commentators wrong as he did not share details of his meeting with the King in his interview or at any other platform to win back his father's trust amid speculations about his intention to return to the royal family as part time working royal.