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King Charles supporters stop Prince William's bid to become King earlier

Prince William must give up plan to take throne earlier as King Charles won't 'give up'

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024

King Charles III, who's battling cancer has received around 10,000 messages from public amid rumours about his abdication to William over the monarch's deteriorating health.

The 75-year-old monarch has been told to "never give up" by the public, as he received a whopping calls of support amid his ongoing health battle.

It emerges amid reports that King Charles is preparing his succession plans, which centres around Prince William as he keeps it secret from Prince Harry who has already "leaked" many details about the palace and the royals.

However, the King's fans does not want him to leave the crown for William in his life as they want him to continue his royal duties, encouraging the monarch in his battle with cancer.

A well-wisher’s card showed a disgruntled dog recovering from medical treatment. The dog was depicted telling the King: "At least you don’t have to wear a cone!"

Some of the fans shared their own experiences of cancer or offered their good wishes and advice for a speedy recovery.

One adult well-wisher told the King: “Chin up, chest out, remain positive and don’t let it get you down. Trust me, it works, but the main thing is family.”

A child sent the message: “Never give up. Be brave. Don’t push your limits. Get Well Soon."

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One card, like many sent to the King, was hand-drawn, with the words “get well soon” written beneath a picture of a crown, complete with rubies and emeralds, and with a rainbow on the back.

However, King's supporters have seemingly shattered William's dream to become King in his father's life.