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TRI.BE resumes promotional activities for Diamond following producer death

TRI.BE’s label TR Entertainment revealed their promotional plans concerning the release of their album 'Diamond'

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024
TRI.BE resumes promotional activities
TRI.BE resumes promotional activities

TRI.BE, formed by late producer Shinsadong Tiger, recently released an update regarding their promotion activities, concerning the girl group’s fourth single-album Diamond.

Following the hit producer’s death, the band decided to take a break from all promotional activities. 

However, on Friday, February 23, TRI.BE’s label TR Entertainment briefed on their promotional plans, stating otherwise.

The announcement came shortly after the girl band's music program appearance and a fan sign event were called off in the wake of Lee’s death.

TR Entertainment expressed sorrow, stating: "It is with heavy hearts that we deliver extremely sad news. Producer Shinsadong Tiger (Lee Ho Yang) passed away suddenly on February 23, 2024.”

The label paid tribute to Tiger, admitting that this would be the 40-year-old producer’s last achievement. 

He noted: “However, as the new album was one that Shinsadong Tiger and the members of TRI.BE prepared together for the last time before his death, it has been decided that TRI.BE will continue their comeback promotions for 'Diamond' as planned in the hopes of carrying out the producer's final wishes.

Updating fans on their schedule and upcoming events, TR Entertainment expressed: “Cherishing the affection and support that Shinsadong Tiger has shown them from debut until now, TRI.BE will do their best for the remainder of their promotions so that the producer's last album can shine brightly.”

Diamond will be considered as Shinsadong’s last project with TRI.BE members. The album released on February 20, 2024.