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Calvin Harris eyes retirement from DJing after 50

Calvin Harris admitted that after 50 he can't see himself DJing

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024
Calvin Harris eyes retirement from DJing after 50
Calvin Harris eyes retirement from DJing after 50

In a recent interview, Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris revealed his plans to step away from live performances "once I get past 50."

Currently 40, Harris has established himself as a dance music titan, headlining festivals and commanding hefty fees for gigs worldwide.

While chatting with Capital Dance, Harris confessed, "I always said that once I get past 50, I can't see me DJing."

He expressed a preference for the creative solitude of the studio, stating, "I'd prefer to be in the studio making tunes." He even jokingly admitted to contemplating "anti-ageing supplements" before his recent birthday.

While he may be hanging up his headphones, Harris doesn't plan on disappearing entirely. He revealed a desire to focus on producing for other artists, drawing on his wealth of experience: "I think that's where the majority of my talent lies, making something sound good. So I would like to make other people's records sound good."

News of Harris' potential DJ retirement has sparked mixed reactions. Fans expressed sadness at the thought of missing his electrifying sets while acknowledging his right to choose his path.

The music industry, too, awaits his next move, curious to see if he truly bids farewell to the stage or explores different creative avenues.

With countless hits and sold-out shows, he has established himself as a global icon. Whether he fades out with a final flourish or transitions smoothly into producing, his legacy as a dance music innovator is secure.