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BTS' J-Hope to make surprise TV appearance amid military service

BTS' J-Hope teased an exciting news about his appearance on a reality show

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024
BTS J-Hope to make a guest appearance in DNAcers
BTS' J-Hope to make a guest appearance in DNAcers

BTS’ J-Hope is set to make a guest appearance on Tving’s original show DNAcers, the streaming giant confirmed on Friday, February 24.

The rapper will appear as a messenger, who will be in charge of providing missions to the contestants of the dance show.

The original show is set to premiere on Monday, February 26, featuring competitions based in Las Vegas. The show will witness fierce competition between some of the world’s best dancers.

The South-Korean singer, who recently took to streets to celebrate his birthday, is all game to unveil his new album, followed by a documentary revolving around street dance in the coming month.

J-Hope, along with other BTS members, went on a hiatus following military enlistment in December, 2023.

He recently broke his social media silence to commemorate his birthday by visiting places having his posters and banners displayed, thanking his army for sending in birthday greetings.

DNAcers is a reality entertainment program, representing Korean dancers. The show aims to bring together top K-pop choreographers and world-class dancers, showcasing their skills.