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Prince William predicted to be next King as bond with Charles forge stronger

Prince William and King Charles grow closer amid turbulent Duke of Sussex affairs

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024

The recent cancer scare experienced by King Charles III has reportedly strengthened the bond between him and his eldest son and heir, Prince William. 

They are now said to be closer than ever before.

If King Charles III dies, the Prince of Wales, will immediately ascend to the British throne as King William V. 

Upon his ascension, his wife will assume the title of Queen Catherine, while their son Prince George will automatically inherit the title of Duke of Cornwall. 

However, analysts, royal enthusiasts, and well-wishers worldwide express hopes that such events will be far into the future, particularly as the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II remains fresh in the collective memory, according to insights from a palace insider.

Despite these challenges, Prince William remains dedicated to supporting his father during this period of transition. 

According to a palace insider, while the King was "entirely relaxed" about meeting his youngest son, Prince Harry, on February 6, there is no indication of reconciliation between the sovereign-in-waiting and the Duke of Sussex.

Speaking to a publication, a friend of William disclosed that the relationship between William and his father was strained during his younger years, largely due to Charles' perceived distance and focus on work and duty rather than parenting.

The trauma of their mother's death further complicated matters, leading to an extraordinary bond between William and Harry.

However, the public fallout between Harry and the royal family came as a shock, particularly given their close relationship.

The source emphasized that despite the tumultuous events involving Harry, they have brought King Charles III and Prince William closer together.

The monarch values William's support, and since assuming the throne and passing on the title of Prince of Wales, their relationship has deepened significantly.