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Brittany Snow shares two cents on Oscar-nominated short movie ‘Red, White and Blue’

Brittany Snow reveals the core of this short movie, directed by Nazrin Choudhury

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
Brittany Snow reflects on the story of short movie ‘Red, White and Blue’
Brittany Snow reflects on the story of short movie ‘Red, White and Blue’

Brittany Snow has recently shared her two cents on her new Oscar-nominated short movie, Red, White and Blue.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Snow said, “The core of the movie is about being a mom.”

The Nazrin Choudhury’s 20-minute short movie follows the story of a single mom who crosses state lines in search of an abortion.

Snow told the outlet, “I wouldn't go as far to say that it's a political film — even though I'm sure that that makes a lot of people feel better, to put it in that category.”

While talking about movie’s script, Snow stated, “I'd never read something that I felt down to my toes in this way.”

“You go into this film judging this mother and thinking this certain thing, and then to feel the twist through your whole body is something that I had never expected before,” she remarked.

Snow explained, “I think that it's because it comes with a lot of understanding that when we read a lot of these stories about abortions, or female reproductive health, we just kind of go in with our own assumptions.”

“And this movie really flipped it on its head, which I thought was really, really important and shocking,” she continued.

Snow revealed that after the release of her movie, she received a DM from a girl saying that it “completely changed her thought on abortion”.

“I think that that was something huge because you go into thinking that you're making this film, and maybe it'll touch a few people, but for someone to actually have their perception change is a huge, huge deal,” she added.