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King Charles, Prince William view Prince Harry as a ‘traitor’?

Prince Harry’s may not get back his royal title despite ‘especially close’ bond with King Charles

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
Prince Harry not to get into royal family anytime soon

Prince Harry has been rumoured, and also expected to be considering getting back into the royal family, but that may not happen anytime soon, even if the Duke wanted it, experts claim.

The Duke of Sussex getting welcomed back into the royal family, according to one royal expert, may even take “years”.

Stepping down from their royal duties in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have hit the royal family with several attacks, including various television interviews, a shocking docuseries and a bombshell memoir.

Newsweek's royal correspondent Jack Royston, claimed on the latest episode of the Royal Report, that a reconciliation between Harry and the royals shouldn’t be expected any time soon, due to severe “lack of trust.”

"Charles and William, I'm sure, will view Harry as having persistently 'betrayed' them on multiple occasions over several years, including during times of grief, such as when Prince Philip died or when the Queen died,” Royston said.

He continued, “So obviously, they're not going to just completely forget about all of that straight away and go from open warfare one minute to innate implicit trust the next... But none of that means that Harry's olive branch is an error or a mistake.”

Another royal expert, Ingrid Seward, seems to agree to this, also pressing on the fact that things maybe hard to get them back to normal, despite King Charles’ "especially close" bond with Harry.

"Harry loved doing things with Charles. He loved going into the gardens at Highgrove and learning about plants. And he loved the military, loved horses. And as soon as he was able to, Charles would take him on little trips he could do with him," she told GB News.