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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle face heavy criticism for latest moves: ‘lacks empathy’

Harry visited his father briefly after the diagnosis

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February 22, 2024
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle face criticism for promoting their royal brand amid the King and Princess of Wales' health recoveries.

King Charles is undergoing cancer treatment while Princess Kate is recovering from planned abdominal surgery. Harry visited his father briefly after the diagnosis, spending a maximum of 45 minutes before returning to California the next day.

He then traveled to Las Vegas to present an NFL award, and the couple rebranded their website, opting for a new Sussex brand.

Harry stirred controversy by being the first royal to discuss his father's health in an interview with ABC's Good Morning America while they visited the Winter Invictus Games training camp in Canada.

Whilst Harry didn't disclose any new details on the King's cancer, he told the reporter that he "loves his family" and intends to see the Royal Family "as much as he can" following the diagnosis.

In a criticism of the royal couple, American journalist Lee Cohen said the Duke and Duchess are an "insult to the nation" and called for them to be "stripped of their titles".

In conversation with GBN America host Nana Akua, Cohen scolded the Sussexes and branded them "monsters beyond redemption".

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Cohen fumed: "There's the timing of this too. We want to give Harry the benefit of the doubt, but after so many episodes, it's clear that no matter what side of the Atlantic you're on, the Sussexes are monsters beyond redemption.

"Who but the lowest of the low would swan about self promoting when their family members are in the midst of serious health crises?"

Nana agreed with Cohen and his "perfectly legitimate question" about the couple's motives.

She responded: "They also don't seem to show any real empathy for what has happened. I think Harry still thinks that he deserves of the apology. He can't see what he's doing is what he's accused them of."

Cohen expressed his outrage at the Sussexes decision to rebrand during the health crises of the Princess of Wales and the King, claiming they have "always demanded apologies" throughout their "tenure" as a royal couple.

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He told Nana: "Their rebranding coincided with the King and Catherine's illness. "They went forward with the Oprah interview even as Prince Philip lay ill in hospital, and now the content of this new rebranding of this website is cringe worthy self promotion of their self manufactured accomplishments.

"You expect this of Meghan, but shame on Harry."