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Camila Cabello shares details about upcoming album: A total ‘reinvention’

Camila Cabello admitted that her new blonde look was part of her ongoing process of transformation

By Web Desk
February 22, 2024

Camila Cabello is getting closer and closer to releasing her new album.

Speaking to Puss Puss Magazine for her cover story, the 26-year-old singer reflected on the significance behind her upcoming music, teasing that she’s “[doing] things [she’s] never done before.”

“I think it is part of a kind of reinvention. I feel like so much of the album has a through line and there’s definitely more themes that the album touches,” she told the outlet.

The Havana hitmaker further revealed that her new album will feature “weird experimental pop music,” which she felt inspired to explore with producer Pablo El Guincho.

As for the theme of the album, Cabello explores love in the broadest sense.

“It’s me sitting with this feeling of understanding that I feel really confused as a 26-year-old who I really felt I was in love with this person. Now I feel kind of lonely and small and weird…” she reflected.

But it appears that Cabello is seeking a “reinvention” in more than one ways, having recently debuted her near-platinum blonde locks – a total transformation from her naturally brunette hair.

The former Fifth Harmony member reflected that her dark hair was “such a big part of [her] identity” and “the way people perceive” her.

“I just kind of wanted to have fun and be a chameleon and change,” she admitted.

Cabello first debuted her golden tresses in an Instagram post earlier this month after wiping clear any evidence of her pre-blonde era.