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Prince Harry's ‘insincere’ offer to cancer-stricken King Charles

The Duke of Sussex made a big offer to King Charles after his cancer diagnosis

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February 22, 2024
Prince Harry makes ‘insincere’ offer to cancer-stricken King Charles
Prince Harry makes ‘insincere’ offer to cancer-stricken King Charles

Prince Harry might have had a clear idea of what he was offering when he allegedly offered King Charles to return to royal duties.

The Duke of Sussex urgently visited his father nearly two weeks ago after he received a personal phone call from the monarch about his cancer diagnosis.

Following the brief 30-minute reunion, speculations emerged that the US-based royal may be contemplating returning to royal duties, whether wife Meghan Markle follows suit or not.

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However, royal expert and author Tom Quinn is of the view that Prince Harry made an insincere offer knowing fully well that it would be rejected regardless.

Quinn explained to The Mirror that Harry was “visibly shocked and upset” about his father’s health and “immediately wanted to do something practical to help” during his time of need.

“Having lost his mother aged 12 he had come to assume that, whatever their ups and downs, his father would enjoy the longevity enjoyed by the late Queen and Prince Philip,” Quinn suggested.

“For all his complaints in Spare and in various TV interviews, Harry is still a lost little boy underneath and on hearing that his father was ill, I’m told that he immediately wanted to do something practical to help.”

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On his offer to resume royal duties, Quinn said that Harry “will have known that his offer to help could be made safe in the knowledge that it would be rejected.”

However, it remains to be seen if Prince Harry would be involved in any future events if the royal family.