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Duchess Sophie, Prince Edward share insight into conjugal coat-of-arm

Sophie's new letter reveals interesting details about their conjugal coat-of-arm

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February 22, 2024
Duchess Sophie, Prince Edward share interesting personal details in a new letter
Duchess Sophie, Prince Edward share interesting personal details in a new letter

Prince Edward and Sophie have shared an interesting personal details about a symbol that is close to the heart of their family in new letter.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have revealed their conjugal coat-of-arms at the top of a letter, which was addressed to LEAF Education, with Sophie's signature on the bottom.

She personally wrote the letter as an impact report for the charity as she's it's honorary president.

On the left is Prince Edward's side, which contains elements of his Coat of Arms which he was given at age 19. On the right is the Rhys-Jones coat of arms, created for Sophie’s father before her royal wedding in 1999. The Duchess's side is represented by a backwards-looking lion on a red and blue background, in tribute to her family's Welsh heritage.

"The lion is said to refer to Sophie's ancestor, the Welsh warrior Elystan Glodrudd, Prince of Ferrig. The supporter is 'almost' a Welsh Dragon. The Wyvern, though, again brings a lot of blue to UK Royal Heraldry," the website explains.

The words "Bagshot Park" were printed underneath the Coat of Arms on the letter. This is the sprawling estate where the royal couple live with their two children, Lady Louise, 20, and James, Earl of Wessex, 16. The couple have lived at the property for 20 years since their royal wedding in 1999.