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Prince Harry ‘pre-arranged’ GMA interview for PR purposes

Prince Harry expressed goodwill about his relation with King Charles during the interview

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February 22, 2024
Prince Harry ‘pre-arranged’ GMA interview for PR purposes
Prince Harry ‘pre-arranged’ GMA interview for PR purposes

Prince Harry has been accused of strategising his latest interview about reconciliation with the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex spoke to host Will Reeves of Good Morning America about the possibility of King Charles’ cancer prompting thawing of his relations with royal members after years of estrangement.

The Spare author declared he would be visiting his father “as much as I can” after a short trip to the UK earlier this month.

Speaking to the Daily Express, royal expert Michael Cole suggested they had already arranged “what questions were on the table and what questions were not.”

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“I don’t what was agreed, I cannot tell you, but I suspect there were pre-conditions to the interview or it would not have been given,” he affirmed.

The former BBC royal correspondent went on to point out Harry’s existing relationship with ABC, where the interview was aired, saying, “He obviously has a history of working with ABC, and that would imply his PR people, working for Archewell, now called Sussex, have an arrangement with ABC.”

He continued: “I think that is a mistake, it shows insecurity on their part, lack of confidence in what they have to say and how they have to say it.”

“I think they would gain, by being more spontaneous, and submitting to something that is a proper interview, it’s not rehearsed, staged, scenario, a pantomime, if you will,” Cole added.