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Taylor Swift’s no big reaction to Kanye West’s name-drops in Carnival song

Kanye West releases his new track, Carnival which mentions Taylor Swift’s name

By Web Desk
February 22, 2024
Taylor Swifts response to Kanye Wests new name-drop in Carnival track
Taylor Swift's response to Kanye West's new name-drop in Carnival track

Taylor Swift has recently shared no reaction to Kanye West’s name-dropped in his new song, Carnival.

A source told US Weekly, “Taylor has so much on her plate and isn’t concerned with what Kanye is or isn’t doing.”

“She has no plans on responding publicly or privately,” remarked an insider.

US reported that Kanye and Taylor’s rivalry started in 2009 when the former jumped on stage at the MTV VMA while Taylor was delivering her acceptance speech.

He interrupted the songstress, and added, Beyoncé had one of the “best music videos of all time for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

Later, in 2016, Kanye alleged Taylor allowed him to name-check her in his track Famous.

Taylor, on the other hand, clarified she never approved of the line, “I made that bitch famous”.

Another insider spilled to the outlet, “From Taylor’s point of view, this beef is one-sided.”

“Kanye is trying to get back in the spotlight and an easy way to do that is through Taylor, who has completely moved on,” added the source.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s song Carnival, which was release on February 17, came days after speculations arose that Taylor had kicked Kanye out of Super Bowl LVIII for purchasing tickets in front of her private suite.