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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’ relationship ‘going strong’ together over 12-year marriage

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also make time for their children amid busy life

By Web Desk
February 22, 2024
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively resolve their arguments through open dialogue: Source
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively resolve their arguments through open dialogue: Source

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are reportedly going strong after 12 years of their marriage.

A source spilled to the US Weekly, “The pair has endured rough patches, but they are really past that time in their lives and are enjoying every day as husband and wife.”

“They have their differences like any other couple, but things get resolved through open dialogue,” revealed an insider.

The tipster told the outlet, “There’s never sustained drama because they’re very quick to compromise.”

“The couple have a lighthearted vibe. They’re soulmates and just click,” stated an insider.

As far as children are concerned, the source mentioned, “They don’t have a ton of help in terms of nannies. They’re both very dedicated parents.”

The source also mentioned, “They were both totally in agreement from the get-go that they’d put their kids before anything else.”

“It’s worked out beautifully, and they’re proud of how they’ve prioritised family,” added an insider.

Elaborating on how they plan for their children, the source pointed out, “The couple time their absences to perfection, so one of them is almost always there with the kids.”

“It’s amazing how they manage it. They have a great system in place. They try to keep everything 50-50,” added an insider.

Another source pointed out, “Ryan’s career can be super demanding, but he always puts Blake and the kids first.”

“He’s kind and considerate and will surprise Blake with gifts when she’s least expecting them, and she, in turn, is everything he could’ve dreamed of in a partner and mother to his kids,” stated an insider.