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Mark Ronson shares his two cents on Ryan Gosling’s viral meme from Critics Awards

Mark Ronson reveals what he thinks of Ryan Gosling’s deadpan reaction after winning Critics Choice Awards

By Web Desk
February 22, 2024
Mark Ronson reflects on Ryan Goslings viral meme from Critics Choice Awards
Mark Ronson reflects on Ryan Gosling's viral meme from Critics Choice Awards

Mark Ronson has recently shared his two cents on Ryan Gosling’s viral meme from the Critics Choice Awards.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Mark said, “I think he (Ryan) was just sort of pleasantly surprised.”

In January, Mark and his I’m Just Ken co-writer and co-producer Andrew Wyatt won the best song award at the show.

As they got up to accept the award, the camera went to Ryan but his deadpan reaction broke the internet with his countless memes.

Reflecting on viral meme, Mark continued, “It was amazing: That meme went so viral, and the streams of the song went up that week.”

“Everybody was watching because he’s just so funny,” he added.

Mark told the outlet, “There was never any idea in the script that Ryan was going to sing. It was like, maybe there'll be a song in the credits.”

“He's the tragic No. 2 — I wanted you to feel his pain. We wrote this song, and it was almost like a Beach Boys demo, a ballad. I sent it to Greta, and she really dug it. Then she said, 'I played this for Ryan. He wants to sing it in the film.' I was just so gobsmacked,” he explained.

After accepting his Critics Choice Award, Mark thanked Ryan and Greta in his acceptance speech.

“Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours. You made the audience fall in love with this song with your matchless performance, so thank you,” he stated.