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Bombshell revelations: Princess Diana's complaints about Charles revealed to Queen Elizabeth

Princess Diana used to cry to Queen Elizabeth at the Palace about her marriage to Charles

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February 21, 2024

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Royal Biographer Ingrid Seward explores the late Queen's bond with Princess Diana, sharing insights into their relationship during Diana's marital struggles with King Charles.

Seward delved into King Charles's childhood and his connections with Diana and Queen Camilla in a new book, 'My Mother And I'.

The book also unveiled the King's emotional ties with his late mother and highlighted his desire for her affection throughout his life.

Seward told GB News that Princess Diana was a "complex character" and "wasn't understood" by Queen Elizabeth until later on, before her tragic death in 1997.

Princess Diana's rocky relationship with the then Prince of Wales was well documented in the media at the time, as well as his ongoing close relationship with Camilla, who is now Queen.

Seward told GBN America that King Charles "fell in love" with Camilla when they were first introduced in their early 20s, but he was sent away to the Navy to "help his career".

Princess Diana became increasingly unhappy in her marriage to the King as he remained "heartbroken" following Camilla's marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles.

Diana famously told BBC's Panorama that there were "three of us in this marriage", and that she "really couldn't compete" with Camilla or the true love between them.

Princess Diana used to 'cry to Queen Elizabeth' at the Palace about her marriage to Charles

Seward claimed Queen Elizabeth was "very hard to approach" and "didn't like any sort of moral conflict".

Bombshell revelations: Princess Dianas complaints about Charles revealed to Queen Elizabeth

This resulted in her distant relationship with Princess Diana, who Seward claimed used to "come to cry in her sitting room" and complain that Charles "hated her", which the late Queen "didn't know how to deal with it".

"The Queen then began to understand the complexities of Diana's character and have a lot more sympathy for her son."

The biographer also revealed that the late Queen "hated divorce" and was "horrified" at the idea of Charles and Diana splitting in that way.