Thursday April 18, 2024

Prince William's latest act called 'disaster' for him

Prince William has been issued stern warning over his latest statement

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024

Prince Williams latest act called disaster for him

Royal author Tom Bower has issued stern warning to future king Prince William against his latest statement as the Prince pleads to end fighting.

 Bower described the intervention as a "disaster for Prince William" and said "nobody needs his contribution on this issue."

Speaking to GB News, Bower said: "I think he's been very badly advised; I think it's quite appalling."

The royal biographer went on: "I think that his officials in in Kensington Palace should have warned him to stay out of it, because it can only end badly."

The expert expressed his anger in own words, explaining: "He probably doesn't want to be manipulated, but he didn't have advisors who told him have nothing to do with it.

"Of course, the Queen would never have said anything like this. I don't even think that Prince Charles in his most reckless interventions into politics."

"Prince William should have been silent. Nobody needs his contribution on this issue and by intervening, he has made that whole problem far worse, because he's politicized the whole issue as far as the monarchy is concerned."

The royal biographer appeared to slam William's advisers, saying: "I do honestly think that he has very, very poor advisers who should have said to him, Prince William, Your Highness, you don't know enough about this subject. This isn't where you should step."