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Taylor Swift’s dad didn’t want singer to date musicians?: Ed Kelce

Travis Kelce father thinks Taylor Swift ‘doesn’t seem’ a very ‘famous’ person

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024

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Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift seems to the happiest father for daughter to be dating a “football player,” or as far as Travis Kelce’s father, Ed claims.

In a Tuesday, February 20 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Ed talked about being there with Swift's family when Travis, 34, and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII earlier this month.

Ed made light of the fact that pop singer Taylor's father, Scott Swift, seems to be the most happy person because of the relationship.

“Scott played college football, so he was right into it; I think he likes that his daughter is dating a football player and not a musician,” Ed quipped.

Ed continued to praise Taylor, 34, admitting that he had not recognised her when they had first met at Travis' house.

Nevertheless, the two grew closer by the time of the Super Bowl.

“She’s probably the most famous person in the world, but she doesn’t seem like it,” Ed added. “She’s so warm and so gracious.”

To support the fact that Scott, who has always been a Philadelphia Eagles fan, "likes" Travis, he has frequently shown his support for the NFL player and his team by wearing Chiefs apparel.

Travis even made a joke about getting Scott "to the good side" during a November 2023 episode of New Heights, after the singer’s father was seen sporting a Chiefs lanyard during Taylor's Eras Tour in Argentina.