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King Charles home busted by protestors amid cancer treatment

King Charles faces bizarre protest few days after being diagnosed with cancer

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February 21, 2024

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King Charles is facing resistance for the existing food prices, and things seem to have gotten personal.

In a continuing effort to get lower food costs for the public, activists from the group “This Is Rigged” trespassed into King Charles's Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

After stepping across the barrier and settling down at the table, the nine activists proceeded to “eat” food from Tupperware and tea from flasks they had brought with them.

The activists are still inside, according to Daily Express, and the respective palace's wing has been temporarily locked off to the public.

The intrusion comes amid King Charles on-going treatment for cancer after diagnosis some time ago.

As per the outlet, the group entered Holyroodhouse at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Monday, February 19, bearing banners with different slogans, one of which was, "Is treasa tuath na tighearna," which in Gaelic, translates to "The people are mightier than a lord".

"This Is Rigged" demands that the Scottish Government completely fund and establish a community food hub for every 500 homes in Scotland, as well as that shops cut the price of baby formula to March 2021 levels.

"Our food system is something that connects us all, but it has become so fragile in the hands of profiteering corporations,” says a 19-year-old protestor, Jasmin Robertson, who is also a student and a Highlands cultivator.