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Lady Gaga joins Fortnite Festival After 2019 spelling slip-up

The Weeknd headlines inaugural Fortnite Festival, igniting gaming and music fusion

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
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Lady Gaga joins Fortnite Festival in surprise move. In October 2019, she sparked curiosity among her millions of Twitter followers with a simple question: "What's fortnight?" The tweet quickly gained traction, amassing over one million likes within three days. 

Fast forward two years later, a user revisited the thread, asking if Gaga ever found out the answer. 

After keeping fans waiting for five years, she finally revealed that she not only knows what the video game platform is but also how to spell its name correctly. 

Moreover, she announced a collaboration with Fortnite Festival. 

"Fortnite*," the musician clarified in a quote-tweet, correcting her earlier misspelling. 

Alongside the tweet, she shared a snapshot of her in-game avatar, bathed in a vibrant pink Chromatica haze. 

As the Festival gears up for its second season launch on Feb. 22, select tracks from Gaga's discography will be integrated into the game, offering players an immersive musical experience reminiscent of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Tap Tap Revolution.

The Fortnite Festival made its debut last year, featuring a notable collaboration with The Weeknd. 

His music became accessible within the game, accompanied by a character skin that players could utilize for their avatars. 

Notable artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Weezer, and a selection from Lady Gaga's repertoire have also been integrated into the gaming experience.

Fortnite has a history of hosting virtual concerts, with notable performances from Marshmello and Travis Scott, transforming the game into immersive concert arenas.

Travis Scott even had a custom skin made available for players to use.

Speculation regarding Lady Gaga's potential involvement in a virtual concert within Fortnite began circulating in 2022. 

A leaked audio clip surfaced on Twitter via the account @FNLeaksAndInfo, reportedly featuring an updated version of Gaga's hit song Poker Face as part of a rumored emote.