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Justin Long shares interesting anecdote behind his love for wedding ring

Justin Long admits he lost his original wedding ring on The Talk show

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February 21, 2024
Justin Long on how he starts liking his wedding ring
Justin Long on how he starts liking his wedding ring

Justin Long has recently shared interesting anecdote for embracing his wedding ring.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Talk, the Lavender actor revealed, “I thought it would be stifling and I wouldn't be able to get it off. But I like it.”

Long, who married actress Kate Bosworth in May 2023, also opened up that the wedding band he’s wearing was not his original ring.

“I lost it. I lost my ring. This is a second ring,” said the Tusk actor.

During the show, the guest Milo Ventimiglia chimed in, who secretly tied the knot with model Jarah Mariano last year, mentioned he never took his ring off as he’s so excited about being a husband.

Earlier, Long confessed he lost his wedding ring months after his marriage with Bosworth in an impromptu ceremony at the Rockaway Hotel in Queens, New York.

While discussing about his ring on Live with Kelly and Mark show in May 2023, the actor stated, “I don’t have my ring on because I lost it, unfortunately.”

Long also reflected on his married life with Bosworth, adding, he “feels very lucky to have Bosworth as his wife”.

“Right away, I knew I was going to be friends with her forever. We got along so well. I know it sounds so generic,” he remarked.