Friday April 19, 2024

Meghan Markle's 'challenging' childhood left strong impact on her personality

The Duchess of Sussex 'used to look after everyone' at a very young age, claims her cousin

By Web Desk
February 20, 2024

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Meghan Markle became mature quite early while navigating challenges in her childhood, as per a relationship expert.

For the unversed, the Duchess of Sussex had witnessed a divorce between her parents Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle at a quite early age 

She has spent time with both of her parents after their separation. 

Speaking of the former working royal's personality back then, her cousin Shawn Johnson told Daily Mail that, "She was infectious with just the way she was and really mature for her age."

He added that the little Meghan used to look after everyone and their comfort. 

While analysing the Duchess of Sussex's childhood traits, relationship Expert Louella Alderson told The Mirror that "her upbringing may also have played a role in her maturity."

She explained, "Meghan is often described as confident, independent and driven. These traits are likely to have contributed to her maturity at a young age, as she was able to take control of situations and make decisions for herself."

"As a natural leader and self-starter, she may have been motivated to grow up quickly in order to achieve her goals and navigate through challenges," the expert added.